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Spotlight on Service Delivery- Kaloyan Kolarov



Current position?

I’m a QA Automation Lead at Immedis based in our office in Varna.


The job that launched my career in tech / dev ?

I started as a manual QA a few years ago. During that time, I worked on various projects for one for the biggest UK based security companies operating in places like Heathrow and Google and a company which was responsible for managing the delivery of the goods to Wembley, Anfield and other stadiums around the world.


Why I chose to work in tech /dev ?

I studied in a technical university and that was the natural way forward for me because I loved it from the very beginning.


What I’m working on today?

Right now, I’m working on improving and developing more appropriate automated tests to ensure that our system is working without the need of manual re-testing.


What I bring to the tech & dev industry?

I’m eager to learn new things, but also showing them to others too.

I’m passionate about what I’m doing, and this helps me a lot in involving the others in our QA activities – I hope my passion is transferred to others too.


My defining career moment/high point?

One of my favourite moments is when we successfully submitted the November’s release of the Immedis platform last year.

It was the first time since the QA team was extended that we were able to launch so many updates at once, with huge success. It was a great achievement for the whole team.


My toughest career challenge in tech/ dev so far?

Moving from manual testing to automation. I had the knowledge and skills to do it but maybe not the confidence at the time. It was hard at the beginning to trust myself to do things right and to select what needs to be automated and how to do it.

Like everything though, I overcame it and was given the support I needed. It drove my career forward and gave me a huge boost both personally and professionally.


My biggest industry influence?

It is always the team here in Immedis.

It’s very inspiring to work with people who have passion for what they’re doing and want to do it right – its hard not to be influenced by them.


Best tax & payroll innovation/development?

The whole industry is moving really fast into the digital world and there are plenty of innovations.

However, I think that we can proudly say that our own system Immedis is one of the biggest innovations on the market.


My ambition/vision?

To extend the current set of automated tests and to implement performance and load testing at a later stage.


Where do you see tax & payroll five years from now?

The industry will be more digitalized and most of the operations will be automated. However, I think that the human interaction will remain in the major activities.

You can never lose the human element and personal touch, no matter what a business offers.


An interesting fact about me…

I like geeky stuff. I’m a huge fan of Star Wars and comics.

Sometimes in my free time I write stories and hope that one day I’ll publish some of them.

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