Spotlight on Service Delivery- Petya D. Atanasova

October 25, 2019
2 mins read
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Current position?

My Current position is Supervisor Global Tax and Payroll at Immedis.


The job that launched my career in tax?

I started my career in The Taxback Group back in 2014 in the US Filing department. Back then I used to prepare various individual Federal and State tax returns.

I fell in love with my job there, which led me to pursue a career in tax and payroll at Immedis.


Why I chose to work in tax?
I choose to work in Tax and Payroll because the work is intellectually challenging, and I love being in a fast-paced environment.


What I’m working on today?

Currently I am working on the preparation and filing of all of the US tax returns and at the same time I run two US shadow payrolls each month.

I am also involved in the German tax return preparation and NL payroll for one of our clients.


What I bring to international/country tax industry?
My strong attention to detail and accuracy is something that really enhances my career and understanding of Tax & Payroll.


My defining career moment/high point?

I’m very proud to say there have been a lot of high points and promotions in my career to date. The most important so far, that I can remember, is when I successfully passed my EA (Enrolled Agent) exams. That was a real high moment for me.


My toughest career challenge in tax so far?

In tax we should always keep up to date with the latest updates, be proactive and constantly learning. At times that can be a tough challenge.

Thankfully I thrive when presented with a challenge!

I have encountered a lot of new and interesting cases in my career, where I had to learn something new really fast and apply it. Those are the cases that make the job interesting.


My biggest industry influence?

In tax it’s Iliyan Tzakov who influenced my career the most.

He is currently a consultant at Immedis. He was my mentor in Taxback and I have learned a lot from him.

In payroll Laurie White influences my work. She’s also a consultant with Immedis, and her payroll knowledge helps me improve and grow everyday as a payroll professional.


Best tax & payroll innovation/development?
Since last year Immedis is able to e-file all US tax returns, because of the new software we bought called CCH Axcess. This made the filing process easier for both us and for our clients. I love it!


My ambition/vision?

To learn and grow and be better at my work than I was yesterday.

My goal in Immedis is to really make a difference.


Where do you see tax & payroll five years from now?
In my opinion tax and payroll might be a lot more technologically influenced, however I don’t think the human element will ever be obsolete.

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