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We know we are only at the start of our sustainability journey, and we know there is so much more that we can do. We also know that we must start somewhere.

We commit to a sustainable future

We are passionate about doing what we can to minimize our impact on the world and support a greener future.

Immedis Goes Green

Each year, we have a month of activities planned to highlight the green agenda and focus on ways our employees can make a difference. This Includes a companywide no-car day, local clean-up events, and daily tips on how we can all individually make a difference.

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Immedis Green Committee

We have a group of like-minded people from across the organization who work together to produce green initiatives and educations programs that support a greener future for Immedis. We have representatives from each location that implement company initiatives locally and ensure global engagement.

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Paper Free

We have reduced our paper usage with the help of DocuSign. Not included in the figures is the huge amount of paper we’ve saved by moving our company documents to digital.

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Eco Friendly Offices

We are making our office a more environmentally friendly space, including digital notice boards, automated lighting, bike racks, reusable coffee cups, carpooling initiative, and much more.

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Technology Recycling Program

In Immedis we prioritize the reuse, resale, or donation to non-profit partners before recycling electronic waste through our partners that carry strong environmental certifications for electronic waste disposition.


2021 Sustainability Report

We’ve already taken steps to ensure we secure a sustainable future. To comply with ESG (Environmental Social Governance) guidelines, we created a comprehensive plan and implemented several key initiatives to put corporate responsibility at the core of our business. To download our report, click on the below link.

Download Report
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