We love what we do

Our employees are central to everything we do in Immedis, and our focus is always on their wellbeing, engagement, safety, and continued development. We are also laser-focused on protecting our customers and their employees.

We take care of people

At Immedis, we are focused on protecting our people, our customers, and their employees.

Wellbeing @ Immedis

Over the last year, we have looked to work collaboratively with our employees to build out an employee wellbeing program that really supports our employees. Our people have inputted into what topics they would like covered, and together we have created a wellbeing strategy for our business with a dedicated wellbeing space for our employees online with resources on all the topics we have covered.

Employee Safety

Over the last year and a half, our employee safety has been our number one priority. We always put the health and safety of our employees first, and we will continue to do this as we see the world get back to the new normal post COVID.

Our Customers

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do in Immedis. We work with our customers to track customer NPS to ensure we stay one step ahead of our customers’ needs and continue to deliver for our customers and their employees.

Taking care of people

Data Security

The Payroll department holds the most sensitive data so ensuring the safety, protection, and confidentiality of this information is a non-negotiable. At Immedis, we take this very seriously and we have multiple measures in place across our people, processes, and technology to ensure the highest stands of data security. Immedis delivers end-to-end data encryption and audit trails. We are SOC and ISO 27001 compliant to use the latest technology to ensure data security and compliance.

employee data security

Legal and Compliance

For the growing number of international organizations, maintaining compliance across global operations down to country-specific requirements is an ongoing focus and of the utmost importance. At Immedis, we ensure compliance at all levels, keeping customers up to date on the ever-changing compliance-led regulations coming in to effect.

digital transformation efforts have changed the payroll processing landscape

Financial Wellbeing

As a leading cause of employee stress, we realize the importance of supporting the financial wellbeing of the workforce. At Immedis, we look at key considerations in creating an effectively designed employee financial wellness program – covering everything from generational, locational, and gender needs through to on-demand pay.

2021 Sustainability Report

We’ve already taken steps to ensure we secure a sustainable future. To comply with ESG (Environmental Social Governance) guidelines, we created a comprehensive plan and implemented several key initiatives to put corporate responsibility at the core of our business. To download our report, click on the below link.

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