China: Beijing Offers Extra Maternity Leave for Couples with Third Child

October 21, 2021
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Beijing has begun offering incentives to encourage young couples to have more children after changes to family planning policies in June allowed all couples to have a third child.

In addition to the extra 30 days of maternity leave that mothers with a third child were awarded from the end of May, the Beijing Municipal Health Commission said that they could also enjoy 1 – 3 months of additional leave if their workplace agrees. Spouses will be eligible for 15 days of paternity leave. The commission said the city government would accelerate the amendment of population planning regulations to offer more services or convenience to mothers with three children.

China has allowed all couples to have a third child since June in response to the nation’s flagging fertility rates. Authorities are now following up with measures designed to encourage young couples to have more children. The Panzhihua city government in Sichuan province announced that it would offer subsidies to families that have a second or third child, becoming the first city government in the country to introduce such incentives. Families will receive 500 yuan ($78) a month for each second or third child until the child turns three.

The incentives announced by Beijing this week make the capital the third place in the country to announce measures to encourage bigger families.




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