Finland: Katso Service Discontinued

November 11, 2020
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The Katso service – electronic identification and authorization system for companies- will be discontinued from 31 December 2020. e-identification and e-authorizations will replace the service.


What does this mean for companies?

This means that from January 2021, it will no longer be possible to use the Katso ID for identification purposes, and the roles and authorizations in the Katso service will no longer be valid. Please note: the authorizations in the Katso service currently will not be transferred to the new service.

If you use the Incomes Register on behalf of another party using Katso authorizations, you need to apply for the authorizations required to replace them. Katso authorizations do not automatically convert into authorizations.

In the future, personal tokens such as online banking codes, a mobile certificate, an ID card issued by the police, or a smart card issued by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency will be required for logging into the e-services. Users of e-authorizations will not need any separate identifiers.


When should companies set up their e-authorizations?

It is important that companies set them up as soon as possible. This will enable easy transactions with the various authorities such as TE Services, Kela, the Finnish Tax Administration, the Incomes Register, and other authorities once the Katso service is discontinued.

Remember, an authorization is an electronic power of attorney, the details of which are stored in the authorization register. When you conduct business on another’s behalf in a service that utilizes authorizations, your rights are checked from the authorization register.


How does the authorization application work?

The official-assisted authorization service enables electronic authorizations and acts on behalf of another party for parties that cannot grant electronic authorizations in the e-authorizations service.

An organization must first complete an authorization application in the official-assisted authorization service and identify the documents required. The organization then submits the authorization application and its attachments to the official-assisted authorization service. An official will register the authorizations in the authorization register on the applicant’s behalf.

To learn more about the authorization applications, read You can grant authorizations with the help of an official


What does a company do if they have already switched to using powers?

There is nothing more that they need to do.


How does a company make the switch to using

Most companies can authorize directly as a self-service by going to

When you grant or request authorization:

  • You first select individuals or companies.
  • You then select the issues covered by the mandate.
  • Finally, you define the term of the authorization.
  • When you issue an authorization, it is valid from the date you specify as the authorization’s effective date.
  • When you request an authorization, it is not valid until the recipient has confirmed the request.


For some companies and organizations, authorization does not work as a self-service. These include some associations, organizations, and all companies whose signatories are foreigners. Persons with the right to represent foreign companies must replace Katso identification with the Finnish Authenticator application.


Where can one get help to implement the authorizations for a company?

If you need help to implement the authorizations for your company or community, you can get support from the Digital and Population Information Agency.

Phone: 0295 53 5115 (10 am – 3 pm)


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