Italy: COVID-19 Parental Leave and the Babysitting Bonus

January 4, 2021
1 min read
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A brief outline of how the 2021 Parental Leave rules comply with the babysitting bonus, enrollment in summer camps, and other childcare services.

For public security, defense and rescue personnel employed for COVID-19 emergency and public needs, and accredited private healthcare personnel, it is possible to choose, for cohabiting children under the age of 14, the payment of one or more bonuses for the purchase of babysitting services, enrolment at summer camps or additional childcare services, up to an overall maximum of €100 per week.

Employees belonging to the private healthcare industry cannot benefit from both the 2021 Parental Leave and the childcare bonus simultaneously in the same week.

These same rules apply to the two parents alternating between the use of the 2021 Parental Leave and the childcare bonus.

The simultaneous use of the benefits by two parents is possible when the leave and the bonus are for different children.

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