Italy: Industrial Metalworking Industry Updates

June 17, 2021
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On 5th February 2021, new legislation was signed that includes both a salary increase and new professional scales for the metalworking industry. All the changes are effective from 1st June 2021.

Professional Classifications

The professional classification system was changed, with the new definitions falling under these categories and criteria:

  • Autonomy – worker has hierarchical/functional responsibilities
  • Specific technical skills – worker is involved in processes and product
  • Transversal skills and participation in development –  worker participates and involved in teamwork
  • Versatility – the worker’s role in the same area of work
  • Multifunctionality – the worker’s role in different functional areas
  • Continuous improvement and innovation- related to new integrated management systems.

For legal classification regarding blue-collar and white-collar categories, the prevalence of manual or operational activity is considered, regardless of the employment level. There are no changes in terms of intermediates, while managerial personnel is defined as those with hierarchical functions or technical-organizational autonomy.

The classification of blue-collar workers, intermediaries, employees, and managers is unique and divided into 9 levels over 4 fields (D-C-B-A), separated by degrees of responsibility.

From 1st June 2021, the 1st category will be eliminated, and all employees classified in this category will be assigned to level D1 (corresponding to the 2nd category).

By 31st May 2021, employees must be re-assigned to the new levels, as shown in the table below, while retaining the length of service accrued up to that date for contractual purposes. The relevant periods for transformation from 2nd to 3rd category and from 4th to 5th have been confirmed.

Pay scales

An increase in salaries was also agreed, with the payment to commence on 1st June for each year of the contract as shown in the tables below:

The adjustments of minimums (the smallest pay increase) with the value of the IPCA inflation index will be defined each year in June based on the contract.

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