South Korea: Changes to Employment Law

January 25, 2022
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Government Support for Employers Allowing Parental Leave, Effective January 2022

Employers will be provided KRW2 Million per month for up to 3 months and KRW300,000 for up to 3 months after an employee with a child less than 12 months old takes parental leave for 3 consecutive months or more.

Pregnant Workers Have Right to Request Working-Hours Adjustment and Use of Childcare Leave During Pregnancy

From 19 November 2021, pregnant female employees will have the right to request a change to their start and end times.

Pregnant workers at medical risk of miscarriage will be allowed to use childcare leave while still pregnant. The total childcare leave period will still be one year.

Employment Incentives for Disabled in 2022

To improve the employment conditions for the disabled, a temporary 3-year project in 2022, will provide businesses with financial support if they newly hire a disabled worker. Companies with 5-49 workers who hire employees with disabilities after 1 January 2022 will receive up to KRW9.6 million in support.

Job Stabilization Fund Extends till May 2022

Support for the Job Stabilization Fund will extend until May 2022. The level of support and length of time has been reduced compared to 2021. The fund supports employers that maintain employment for at least one month and employ fewer than 30 workers with a monthly remuneration of 2.19 million won or less.

Domestic Workers Bill to be Enforced Later in 2022

The Domestic Workers Bill is expected to be enforced on 16 June 2022. Domestic workers will be officially recognized workers, receive major insurance benefits, and be guaranteed the minimum wage.

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