Taiwan: Occupational Accident Insurance Now Mandatory for All Workers

July 23, 2021
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Under the Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act, employers are mandated to sign up all their legally hired workers, including interns and domestic helpers, for occupational accident insurance on their first day at work, regardless of the company’s size.

According to the new act, any employer failing to sign their workers up for occupational accident insurance will be faced with a fine of up to NT$100,000 (US$3,562). The fine can be repeated as an offense if not rectified within a given date.

Under the new act, the monthly insured salary, which is used as the basis for determining benefits, is set from the minimum wage of NT$24,000 to NT$72,800. Insurance payouts cover the areas of medical treatment, injury/disease, disability, death, and disappearance.

Occupational injury or disease benefits are set at 100 percent of a person’s insured salary in the first two months, and 70 percent until the application ends.

Permanent disability benefits will be determined based on the severity of a person’s disability. A person who is completely disabled will receive 70 percent of their insured salary, while a person with severe disabilities will receive 50 percent, and a person who is partially disabled will receive 20 percent, according to the new act.


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