Taiwan: Subsidy Extended for Workers Who Lost Income Due to Covid-19

October 21, 2021
1 min read
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The Ministry of Labor (MOL) recently announced the extension of a subsidy program that offers a one-time NT$10,000 (US$359) payout to designated workers who lost at least 20% of their income amid the recent Covid-19 outbreak. The program was initially available to those with monthly insured salaries of NT$24,000 to NT$34,800 who lost 20% of their income in May or June.

From August 23, workers whose income fell by at least 20 % during July will also be eligible to apply for the subsidy.

The ministry also announced that it would begin including seniors in a program offering incentives of up to NT$20,000 for unemployed people who find a new job. People over 64  years, the maximum age for enrolment in the government’s employment insurance program, who have already begun drawing their Labor Insurance pension or were hired in a full-time job since April 30 or a part-time job since April 1, can apply for the benefit.

Taiwan citizens and their foreign spouses enrolled in the government’s employment insurance program can confirm their eligibility and apply for the subsidies on a designated MOL website (in Chinese only).

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