Global Tax & Payroll Software

Consolidate data. Simplify reporting.

To better understand, manage and respond to the costs associated with paying your people, you need access to the right information. With Immedis, we use state of the art business intelligence technology and data from third party systems like HR and Finance to consolidate information and provide you with insight on your processes and team performance.

Global Payroll Platform

Our payroll platform provides employers with all payroll calculations and reports in a consistent format for ease of use. Reports include:

  • International payroll report outlining salaries, overtime, bonuses, pension, health insurance
  • Country and consolidated gross to net reports
  • Country payroll journals
  • Monthly tax returns prepared
  • Country summary report showing the total number of days users spend in various countries
  • Country of employment outlining the number of days your employees spend in a particular location within a specified time
  • Submission report showing how regularly tracking details are being submitted
  • Payment reports

Employees can also view important payroll related data in a secure area and contact the payroll team for any queries and view:

  • Payslips
  • End of year payroll documents (P60 etc)
  • Tax return reports for expats

Global Mobility Tax Platform

Within our global mobility platform, our dedicated tax area allows employers to manage and track:

  • The status of income tax returns across all countries
  • Schedule tax briefings with expats
  • Manage the shadow/mirror payroll requirements
  • View and manage all tax and social security documentation per assignee. e.g. A1/CoC certs, Tax exclusion certs.

In addition the Global Mobility Reporter tool is an online tracking app enabling employees to keep track of their travel movements. It’s an effective and easy-to-use system that removes the admin burden from HR and helps facilitate compliance.

With the GM reporter you can access reports on:

  • Compliance reports
  • Calendar reports
  • Day by day locations reports
  • Employee submission reports

Why choose our cloud software solution?

  1. Ensure high-quality payroll processing and reduce costs by synchronizing data in your HRIS.
  2. Achieve holistic visibility of payroll costs via secure web integration protocols that import data from existing finance and ERP systems.
  3. Streamline employee access to statutory-compliant payslips through your HRIS
  4. Lower IT and development expenses with system integrations designed, built and maintained by Immedis
  5. Facilitate the flow of data for processing based on a set of business rules within your HRIS application.

Systems Integration

We have developed our technology to integrate seamlessly with HRIS and finance systems to enable automated scheduled data transfer reports to ensure an accurate, auditable and compliant payroll service.

The Immedis platform allow for the imports of defined data sets from a variety of sources which allows for real time data to be exchanged in a consistent and time efficient manner. Our integration allows us to:

  • Integrate time and attendance data globally to produce payroll reports
  • Provides direct reporting journals for finance functions

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