Simplifying tax. Guaranteeing compliance

A global workforce can challenge HR and Finance departments to navigate unfamiliar landscapes beset with diverse tax, payroll and compliance obligations.

Our Global Mobility Expat Tax Service is a cost effective and tax compliant solution for employers with an internationally mobile workforce. Our 20 years of experience, advanced tracking technology and multi-lingual staff enable us to provide an end-to-end service for your workforce.

Global Mobility challenges

1. Compliance: Ensuring multi-jurisdictional compliance around local employment tax rules for assignees to avoid financial penalties.


2. Management: Ensuring that company policy for assignees is consistent on a global basis. Difficulties can arise as a result of cultural and language differences when dealing with multiple providers


3. Reporting: Different reporting structures from multiple providers in each jurisdiction can causeconfusion and timing headaches


4. Technology: With a mobile workforce it is critical to have tracking technology in place to ensure accurate compliance is maintained in each jurisdiction

Assignment Management

How an assignment is managed will have both short-term and long-term impacts on your business so it’s important to get the best advice possible. Immedis offers the following services at all stages of the assignment.

1. Pre Assignment Services

  • Employee tax briefings
  • Social security applications
  • Applications to tax authorities
  • Cross-border relief claims
  • Company policy documents
  • Assignment remuneration advice
  • Equity remuneration advice

2. Ongoing services

  • Home and host country personal tax returns
  • Foreign tax credit and treaty relief claims
  • Hypothetical tax calculations
  • Tax equalisation, calculations and advice
  • Operation of shadow payroll

Tax Compliance

At Immedis, our team of senior tax experts are fully trained on all tax regulations and legislation that govern each jurisdiction. We provide regular reports and advice to clients so you and your team are made aware of your obligations and can take appropriate action.




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