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Key Facts

Date format
Libyan Dinar (LYD)



Social Security
Social Security - 10.5%
Total Employment Cost
Total Employment Cost - 10.5%


Social Security
Social Security - 3.75%
Social Unity Fund
Social Unity Fund - 1%
Total Employee Cost
Total Employee Cost - 4.75%

Minimum Wage

Minimum Wage
The minimum wage in Libya is 450 LYD per month.


Payroll Cycle
13th Salary

Not required by law.

Income Tax

Employee Income Tax (1)
Less than 1,000 LYD - 5%
Employee Income Tax (2)
Over 1,000 LYD - 10%
Employee Income Tax (3)
When payroll contributions equal less than 50 LYD - 1%
Employee Income Tax (4)
When payroll contributions are between 50 - 100 LYD - 2%
Employee Income Tax (5)
When payroll contributions total more than 100 LYD - 3%

Working Hours

General Working Hours

48 hours per week.


Overtime is limited to an additional 3 hours per day at the rate of 150% of the regular pay rate.


Paid Time Off

30 working days of paid annual leave.

Public Holidays

11 public holidays.

Sick Days

For employees who are sick in one continuous period are eligible for 45 days of sick leave, while those who are sick not continuously are eligible for 60 days of sick leave per year.

Maternity Leave

14 weeks of maternity leave and is comprised of 6 weeks before the birth and 8 weeks after.

Paternity Leave

Not required by law.

Parental Leave

Not required by law.


Termination Process

At the end of the employment term, the employer must provide a certificate that states:

  • Start and end date of the employment
  • Type of work performed
  • Salary information (optional)
  • Other benefits received (optional)
Notice Period

30 days’ notice is required for both the employee and employee.

Severance Pay

Not required by law.

Probation Period

30 days.


Employment Visa
  • Passport (valid for more than six months + 2 blank pages facing each other)
  • One passport-sized photos (recently taken, against a white background)
  • Filled and completed ‘Libyan Business/Work visa application form
  • Visa Reference Number sent by your Libyan Sponsor, given to them by the Libyan Foreign Office
  • Non-European Passport Holders must also submit a copy of their UK Residency Permit