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International payroll management can have layers of complexity due to ever changing employment legislation and complex legal and tax regulations. If your organisation operates in multiple countries, it’s critical to maintain control and visibility. This can become a difficult task with multiple providers in every country.

At Immedis, our international payroll service offers an outsourced solution to companies who need help consolidating and managing their payroll across multiple tax jurisdictions. We have purpose built services to run both expatriate and local payrolls that are backed up by solid reporting and powerful technology.

Global payroll challenges

1. Consolidation and Management: managing multiple providers in different countries can prove to be hugely time consuming. With Immedis you will have one Account Manager to handle all your needs.


2. Compliance and Delivery: keeping up to date with ever changing legislation can be hugely time consuming and costly. Our team have unparalleled knowledge of international payroll and tax legislation ensuring your peace of mind when it comes to compliance.


3. Simple Integration with HR & Finance Systems: having multiple systems to manage and pay employees can lead to incorrect payslips and unhappy staff. Our powerful software platform integrates with your HR & Finance systems helping improve accuracy and simplify reporting.


4. Payment in Multiple Currencies: paying staff and local authorities in multiple currencies can lead to huge costs in administration and currency fluctuations. We provide a single payment facility so you can send all payroll to one account.

International Payroll Service

We offer a fully managed end-to-end global payroll service including:

  1. Worldwide payroll calculations
  2. Tax and social security deductions calculation and advice
  3. Gross-to-net and net-to-gross calculations
  4. Payslips for all employees including year-end documentation
  5. Payment of net pay into employees’ bank accounts
  6. Coordination and payment of tax and social security payments to authorities
  7. Employer wage tax return reports and submission

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