Immedis Launching New Global Payroll Solution with Groundbreaking Flexibility for Global Enterprises

November 22, 2022
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Immedis Launches One View

A new solution designed to provide global enterprises with one unified view of worldwide employee payroll data 

Furthering Immedis’ commitment to innovation in global payroll solutions 

Dublin, Ireland – 22nd November 2022 – Immedis is delighted to formally announce the launch of One View, a standalone software as a service (SaaS) solution for delivering a unified global payroll reporting and employee experience. The One View product is a groundbreaking solution to a common point of friction for organizations who pay employees across several countries through a mixture of in-country payroll processing methods and providers. One View is truly a game changer in a world that is becoming more and more connected, but also increasingly complicated.  

For organizations who are hesitant about onboarding a single multi-country payroll outsourcing provider globally, One View is the perfect solution to gain cohesive global control, reporting and analytics across all countries where employees are paid. Born from the repeated demand for visibility into global payroll costs, Immedis developed the solution to allow for flexibility in payroll processing yet still provide a centralized view into payroll costs worldwide. One View is a value-add no matter how an organization’s payroll is processed or by whom, without requiring use of a centralized multi-country payroll outsourcing solution globally. The new Immedis solution is designed to not get in the way or complicate payroll’s ability to access a holistic view of employee data worldwide.  

In a recent survey completed by one of the world’s leading consulting firms, 60% of respondents claim that global payroll-related reports take one or more days to produce. It is evident that today’s payroll teams have not been armed with the tools to make datadriven decisions — welcome, One View.  

Richard Limpkin, Chief Product & Technology Officer, said, “we are committed to developing products that solve deeply intricate challenges for organizations, with technology and market-leading global payroll expertise. One View was co-created by listening to our existing Customers and Partners, and continually hearing that real-time data and analytics are a massive gap for them outside of Immedis. I’m thrilled to have this solution come to fruition, and excited to see it in the market.” 

One View follows the same core tenets as Immedis’ global managed service offering. The triad of focus is at the intersection of people, processes and technology, empowering users to unlock actionable insights through a curated analytics framework while offering customers the flexibility of choosing how running payroll works best for them, country by country.  

The flexibility One View offers is a significant differentiator. Traditional outsourced payroll providers only offer the ability to gain access to visibility into payroll data for the countries where they run the payroll, leaving payroll teams with the manual task of compiling data from multiple sources. One View enables payroll specialists to transition from this manual effort of compiling country and regional data each cycle to make strategic decisions, supported by real-time and accurate payroll information into a single currency. Payroll teams can finally, wave “goodbye” to manual intervention and gain real-time insights into how much it costs to pay employees across the globe with a few simple clicks.  

One View was also designed with the employee experience in mind. The One View solution provides employees with a single payroll experience globally. Employees access their pay information via the native mobile application and are provided with deep data insights into their payslips as well as full control over their banking, beneficiary and onboarding information. When utilized in conjunction with Immedis Pay, a single global solution for employee payments is also possible with One View – paying anywhere, any way.  

In the spirit of collaboration, Immedis aimed to develop a solution that empowered both in-country partners and payroll specialists to continue to do what they do best — process payroll their way. When licensing One View, customers gain access to a sleek mobile application and customer portal that boasts an incredible employee experience irrespective of country or location. Customers can connect One View to their existing infrastructure and be fully implemented in a matter of weeks. 

Global payroll is most certainly not a one-size-fits-all business operation and flexibility is a welcome change in a market that has largely not evolved to meet the needs of today’s global organizations. One View has already been recognized as a welcome step forward in the payroll industry, having been shortlisted by the Global Payroll Association (GPA) for the Innovation of the Year Award in 2022. 

Immedis will host a live webcast to introduce the world to One View on Thursday, December 1. Interested parties can register for the webinar as well as learn more about One View by visiting


About Immedis 

Immedis delivers secure, compliant, zero-defect, touchless payroll for global organizations in 150+ countries. The Immedis Platform provides payroll leaders a unified view of global payroll operations, real-time data analytics, and advanced reporting capability while ensuring legislative compliance and data security. With deep integration capabilities with HCM, finance, and many other partners, Immedis transforms payroll from manual administration to a secure, streamlined process through the provision of both technology and service. Immedis follows agile development practices and continually updates the platform, with three major releases per year. Many of our customers include fast-growth companies such as Adobe, Bolt, DocuSign, Lululemon, McAfee, MicroFocus. Immedis was founded and is majority owned by Clune Tech. 

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