New Immedis Platform Release Empowers the Customer

November 30, 2020
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Enhanced Employee Self Service brings touchless payroll closer

Dublin, Ireland 30th November 2020 – Immedis, the leader in global payroll and part of the successful Taxback Group, today announced the next release of their award-winning global payroll platform. This release is all about empowering the customer and employees by allowing them to maintain their own data directly. Users can now input and manage recurring payments and employee banking information and employees can directly update banking information which is fully corroborated against the platform’s global banking validation framework.

“This release really focuses on the customer’s customer – the employee, and how they access and interact with the platform. We wanted to further open up the platform and enable updates by employees on personal information like banking details. By allowing them to view, access and update their data, we are devolving admin work and freeing up time in the payroll department,” commented Richard Limpkin, Chief Product Officer at Immedis. “We are also launching the Immedis Academy and with it really exciting certification paths for our users. Providing a professional learning experience will ensure that customers are getting all the value the platform can provide.”

The release includes:

Employee Self Service

Employees can now access, update or change their banking details directly on the platform. This gives employee’s more control, reduces errors and enhances the security of highly sensitive data being directly input into the system, rather than being emailed to HR.

Global Recurring Payments

The customer can directly create and maintain their employees’ recurring payments through the Immedis Platform user interface, giving them singular vision of employees’ full remuneration, whether it is integrated from their respective HCM, input directly into Immedis, or both. This brings the Immedis customers closer to touchless global payroll and removes more aspects of the legacy of global payroll spreadsheets, everything from salaries and hourly rates to allowances and deductions.

Corporate and Payroll Setup

Different countries require differing information to onboard new employees; the latest release delivers a simplified process for downloading a new corporate setup template for onboarding brand new payrolls. This means that the employer can download the required fields based on the country requirements and reduces errors associated with new joiners; they have permanent access to this in-country knowledge within the Immedis Platform and can self-serve.

Immedis Academy

Immedis Academy Certified logo

The Immedis Academy is launching today, which provides an immersive and engaging learning experience in over 30 learning modules covering all aspects of the platform. The Academy is supporting the brand new Immedis certification process – initially Payroll Admin Superuser Level 1 and Payroll Admin Superuser Level 2 Certifications will be available. New badging will be available, as well as certificates for successful completions. Access to the academy is completely centralized within the Immedis Platform.

Localization and additional language support

The platform already supports a multitude of languages for the user experience. However, now it is also available in Hindi and Arabic, enabling users to have the same great Immedis experience in their preferred language, however they choose to operate their payroll.

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About Immedis

Immedis is the global leader in consolidated global payroll solutions and part of the highly successful Taxback Group. Processing payroll in over 150 countries, the Immedis platform provides a unified view of global payroll operations, real-time data analytics, and advanced reporting capability, while ensuring legislative compliance and data security. With deep integration capabilities with HCM and finance providers, Immedis dramatically simplifies multi-country payroll obligations.

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