Scott Bader to Deliver a Unified Payroll Experience to Colleagues Across the Globe

October 4, 2022
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Scott Bader to Deliver a Unified Payroll
Experience to
Colleagues Across the Globe

The global manufacturer to implement Immedis across 18 countries

Dublin, Ireland – 30 July 2022 – Immedis are thrilled and eager to welcome Scott Bader as one of their newest customers. It is an honor to help deliver a unified payroll experience for their colleagues across the globe. Scott Bader is a leading global manufacturer whose employee base has spread across the world, with 800 employees located across 18 countries. Their HR strategy is focused on empowering colleague potential, supported by HR systems for the colleague’s life cycle, including being able to pay their colleagues accurately and on time.

The first step in Scott Bader’s quest to provide their colleagues with a modern HR experience was achieved with the implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud for all HR activities and experiences, apart from payroll. As the Scott Bader team began to observe the benefits of all HR data and functions in one system, they turned to address the need for the same experience with payroll. Scott Bader’s team wanted to provide a unified colleague experience, as well as a simplified payroll system. Immedis’ value drivers were particularly effective in addressing key challenges in their current payroll process:

  • Lack of visibility to payroll data across their colleague population globally. This restricted the Board and Executive team’s ability to demonstrate compliance with appropriate controls and measures to protect against risk
  • Far too much time associated with making payroll ‘work’
  • Limited cross-functional knowledge of processes, held by only a few key colleagues, made processing problematic when those subject matter experts were on leave or left the business
  • Inefficient onboarding of new payrolls (i.e. acquisitions, new locations, etc.) resulting from lack of in-house knowledge
  • Manual handling of data between Oracle Cloud HCM system and their in-house and in-country payroll solutions

Moving to a global provider gave Scott Bader the opportunity to repurpose their talent to better impact revenue-generating initiatives across the business. The transition also helped them manage their increasing need for payroll professionals as their company grew.

Immedis rose to the top of the field during their team’s evaluation process. Following the investment in Oracle Cloud HCM, Immedis’ seamless integration helped maximize the efficiency and Return-on-Investment of that decision. The Immedis platform provides a consolidated payroll experience for all colleagues, ensures compliance and mitigates risk across all countries.

Julie Thorburn, Group HR Director for Scott Bader, commented, “Immedis did everything we needed, with the simplest interface. The Immedis proposition entailed a structured implementation process and a global platform which allowed our professional user base to input and validate data, have payroll processed and review the outcomes in an intuitive, powerful and easy-to-use payroll platform.”

The Immedis and Oracle partnership was a critical piece of Scott Bader’s requirements. The seamless data flow between Oracle Cloud and Immedis will enable their HR teams to step away from administrative burdens and provide them with a global view of all payroll data, regardless of which country or entity a colleague resides in.

Immedis and Scott Bader have partnered to deliver a truly unified payroll experience to benefit both the payroll teams and their employees globally. Through this partnership, what now becomes possible:

  • Colleagues will have confidence that their payroll will always be error-free, accurate and on time
  • The company will be able to demonstrate proof of compliance with the right level of audit controls in place.
  • The Board and Executive team will have access to real-time and accurate global payroll data to best inform decision making
  • The payroll team will enjoy a more efficient and effective payroll model


About Immedis

Immedis is the global leader in consolidated global payroll solutions. Processing payroll in 150+ countries, the Immedis Platform provides a unified view of global payroll operations, real-time data analytics, and advanced reporting capability, while ensuring legislative compliance and data security. Immedis’ deep integration capabilities with HCM and finance providers, dramatically simplifies multi-country payroll obligations. Immedis was founded and is majority owned by the Clune Technology Group.

About Scott Bader

Scott Bader is an employee-owned global manufacturer of advanced composites, structural adhesives and functional polymers. Established in 1921, it has a century of expertise in manufacturing high-quality, innovative products for a variety of markets around the world.

Scott Bader now employs 800 people across 7 manufacturing sites and 18 offices worldwide.

About Oracle

Oracle offers integrated suites of applications plus secure, autonomous infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud. For more information about Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), please visit us at

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