Oracle Immedis Integration

Oracle Cloud HCM + Immedis

Experience the value of an embedded integration delivered by Immedis and Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM).

Connecting HR and international payroll

Many companies today are challenged by the lack of alignment between their HR and payroll data and systems.

Oracle Cloud HCM and Immedis are working together to change this and create a seamless information exchange for mutual customers to support multi-country operations and global payroll needs. This partnership helps you realize the benefits of your HCM investment via reduced data reconciliation, data reliability to support compliance and business decisions, and enriched collaboration between HR, Finance, and Payroll teams.

Benefits of optimized HR and payroll integration

Seamlessly connect and align

Oracle Payroll Interface provides the bridge between Oracle Cloud HCM and payroll. As an Oracle Payroll Interface partner, customers utilizing Oracle Cloud HCM and Immedis have access to our proven, pre-built integration.

Enhance data integrity and productivity

Implement efficiencies and improve user experience with an intuitive end-to-end process that improves payroll accuracy while reducing manual effort and errors associated with duplicate data entry.

Strengthen compliance capabilities

Ensure compliant payroll processing with access to local experts across 150+ countriesThe Immedis Platforms Perpetual Validation capability also highlights as country specific payroll data is missing, incomplete, or incorrect. 

Unify employee experience

Provide employees with a single, self-service user experience for payroll transactions, including access to relevant payroll information, such apayslips, as Immedis delivers these directly into Oracle Cloud HCM. 

Immedis is delighted to partner with Oracle and provide seamless global payroll to thousands of Oracle HCM customers. We made a significant investment to ensure that this integration enables our customers to have a great experience and superior service while supporting our ‘one source of truth’ strategy for global payroll data. We are excited to be part of the Oracle family and look forward to our shared success.

Ruairi Kelleher, CEO, Immedis

Oracle Cloud HCM and Immedis data flow

Data Input and Validation

Data Validation 01

Data entered in Oracle Cloud HCM is automatically interfaced to Immedis and validated to ensure accuracy and country specifics are present to process payroll. 

Compliant Processing

Payroll Processing 02

Payroll inputs are managed and processed through Immedis’s cloud-based technology, supported by local legislative expertise.

Payroll Analytics

Payroll Analytics 03

Payroll results are delivered from Immedis back into Oracle Cloud HCM where administrators can perform reporting and analysis.

Employee Self-Serve

Employee Self-Service 04

Employeegain a single system experience via the use of Oracle Cloud HCM where they can easily access payslips produced by Immedis and update bank information.

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