Next generation integration

Designed for scalability, resilience, and interoperability.

Digital integrations

Integrate systems. Eliminate errors.

With data sets coming from multiple sources to facilitate payroll and reporting, integration capability with any payroll solution is a must. From the start, integration has been a core design principle of the Immedis Platform, connecting to anything, quickly, and sustainably.

We work with market-leading HCM and Financial solutions to deliver bi-directional integrations, creating a seamless information exchange. Take a closer look at our technology partners including Workday, UKG, Ceridian, SAP Success Factors, Oracle, and more.

Optimize systems connectivity

Single source of global payroll truth

Gain access to all payroll related information in one place, with data points feeding from and to business Human Capital Management (HCM), Financial Management Systems (FMS), and Time & Attendance solutions.

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Focus on the value-add

Introduce operational efficiencies and remove the extensive administrative burden on teams associated with keeping multiple system data sets up to date with the automated flow of information.

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Configurable solution

Benefit from existing pluggable adaptors with our major HCM and Finance partners. Upload gross to net files from any of our partners, in any format. Enjoy touchless delivery of general ledger results into any FMS, as well as the ability to deliver information into consolidated global chart of accounts.

Integration - Charting out cloud

Reduce risk to data security

Remove the risk associated with file exchanges and manual data uploads between cross-functional teams with an automated, secure flow of information, reducing the risk of data breaches and non-compliance.

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