Reporting & Analytics

Impact business decisions by unlocking the power of your workforce data

Access real-time, accurate payroll data and advanced reporting to showcase the true value of global payroll.

Actionable insights delivered

With our consolidated global payroll reporting and data analytics capability, organizations can better understand and respond to the costs associated with paying employees. Key payroll data sets can be uncovered and utilized to impact wider business strategy and functional planning.

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Monitor and act on the metrics that matter

Enable future business planning

View consolidated, global reporting in a single currency to give a clear picture of people related costs, giving easy access to the information needed by executive teams and senior management to assess current business modeling and influence future planning.

Global Reporting Predictive

Drill into the detail

Detailed pay elements analytics gives you the ability to assess costs from pay elements, by individual employee or department, through to entity, country, and regional levels when required.

UI Individual

Identify risks and errors

Powerful variance analysis compares month on month variances, the severity of these variances, and where exactly the changes are occurring; right down to the pay element level per employee.

Variance Reporting

Influence people strategy

Get the data needed to support organizational equality with average gross pay distribution by age or gender. Find the gaps and access this information to evaluate current business practices that are influencing trends.

Reporting and Analytics Gender Reporting

Dedicated general ledger engine module

Give Finance teams the payroll data needed via general ledger output files produced per payroll, ensuring that balancing always occurs and that this information can be easily incorporated in to wider business cost record keeping and analysis.

Reporting and Analytics GL Reporting

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