Realize the benefits of HCM Investment

Immedis delivers a single source of truth with upstream integration in HCM solutions.

We provide a clean starting point for all data flowing into payroll from HR, and a clear segregation of data ownership between HCM and the platform

The Challenge

With limited integration between HR and Finance systems, there is inevitably a need for manual re-keying of data, leading to inaccuracies and errors. This drives up costs and frustration, leading to a negative employee experience


There is often a high spend in G&A or finance, due to the manual intervention required.

Most importantly, efficiencies from the HCM investment cannot be realized.

Manual intervention leads to errors which in turn leads to poor employee experience and frustration.

The Solution

By taking advantage of the HCM implementation, Immedis delivers a reduction in data reconciliation processes and enriched collaboration between HR and Finance due to the quality and reliability of data, leading to higher value work done by the payroll team.


Reduction in time spent managing global payroll.

Improved profitability through people and process efficiencies.

Increase employee morale and engagement, improve productivity and employee retention.

Improved level of service to employees from HR, Payroll and Finance.

Ensures you can yield the full benefit of HCM investment with improved profitability through payroll efficiencies

Increase employee morale and engagement improves both productivity and employee retention.

The Immedis Platform is a single global architecture which completely insulates the organization from downstream complexity.

We use data layering to ensure appropriate data is used at the right time and integrated back into HCM.


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Experience the benefits of having a clean starting point for all data flowing into payroll from HR.