Optimize Decision Making on People Costs

Payroll is the single biggest operational cost to the business, but payroll information is seldom included in strategic decision making.

Global payroll costs are time consuming and expensive to produce, and when it is used, often the information is out of date.

The Challenge

For many organizations, planning and risk analysis are performed in Excel, which is error prone. In many organizations, finance lacks access to documentation to ‘prove the proof’ and provide auditors with assurance that costs are not mis-stated.


Strategic decision making is less effective and slower due to out of date, inaccurate payroll data.

Decisions to align employee related investments to business performance cannot be taken due to lack of accurate data.

FX applications on costs are haphazard and not logged, making reconciliation time consuming and almost impossible.

Finance and payroll are not joined up and it is impossible to understand the GL variance as it relates to payroll elements.

The Solution

With Immedis you can make strategic decisions using up-to-date, accurate payroll information and access a wide selection of general reports including ‘what-if’ analysis.


Integrate payroll data with HCM, finance, benefits and time and attendance systems.

Easily identify your organization’s biggest risks through powerful, variance reporting.

Consolidate data across all global payrolls into a single company currency.

Pull data at a global, regional level at once, without losing any granularity of detail.

Improved strategic decision making with accurate data, so salaries and benefits are better aligned with business performance.

Access to global payroll data to help shape the future of the business by understanding the true cost of employment in multiple currencies

Cost savings driven through FP&A strategic decision making

Reduction in FX exposure analysis and cross charging

Understanding of the GL variance and the associated driving pay elements.

Assess gross pay variance in real-time

We provide unique analytical capabilities, delivering real time payroll data, with full in-country granularity and robust GL variance reporting.

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