Global payroll is in our DNA

We enable organizations to complete accurate, compliant global payroll, and generate analytics that drive performance.

Increased Accuracy

We standardize payroll processing activities across 160+ countries resulting in 99.97% ‘First Time Right’ service.

Save Time

We deliver over 50% reduction in payroll processing times, 95% reduction in time taken to approve payrolls, and instant access to key reports and General Ledger.

Single Source of Truth

Complete transparency across global payroll processing through one consolidated dashboard, empowering organizations to approve payrolls in one centralized platform.

Strategic Impact

Our advanced reporting and real-time data analytics generate actionable business insights that feed into future planning. Whether it is company expansion plans, employee placement, or people strategy, One View has the insight.

The One View Effect Reduce Cost & Re-runs

We help you reduce the cost of global payroll administration and management. One View Managed automates 50%+ inputs and using inbuilt artificial intelligence with RPA, identifies errors ahead of time, perpetually validating all data.

Cost Reduction

The One View Effect Data-driven Decisions

One View represents the intersection of people, processes and technology and will allow every user the ability to harness actionable insights through a powerful and unique global payroll analytics dashboard.

We provide unique analytical capabilities with market leading embedded visual analytics. Delivering real time payroll data, not after the fact with full in-country granularity and robust GL variance reporting.


The Immedis Effect Integrate HCM

One View is a single global architecture which completely insulates the organization from downstream complexity. We use data layering to ensure appropriate data is used at the right time and integrated back into HCM, where relevant. Immedis integrates with all the market leading HCM Suites including Workday, UKG, Ceridian, SAP Success Factors and Oracle.

HCM Investment

The One View Effect Ensure Compliance

One View Managed delivers a fully cloud deployed global payroll platform which ensures end-to-end data encryption, audits trails and the latest technology to ensure data security and compliance with filing and payment compliance. We are SOC and ISO 27001 compliant.


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