Ensure compliance & data security

Ensure your data is protected with 100% compliance

One View Managed delivers end-to-end data encryption and audits trails. We are SOC and ISO 27001 compliant and use the latest technology to ensure data security and compliance.

The Challenge

Uncertain security and compliance status

Organizations may be concerned with large fines for non-compliance, reputational damage due to data breaches and pentalities for late or incorrect tax filings, but many still use archaic payroll platforms that put compliance at risk.

Breaches mean extensive audit trails, requiring expensive external consultants for compliance purposes.

Fines for data breaches are calculated as a percentage of global revenue. Additionally, damage to your brand will impact profitability.

Security breaches; especially concerning payroll, can impact the employee experience and make recruitment more challenging.

Our Solution

An encrypted, global platform that’s 100% compliant

Global leaders have peace of mind that their data is protected and their organization is compliant. One View holds the highest ranked security rating in the industry from SecurityScorecard.io.

Double encryption of employee data and encryption for data at rest -E-2-E Encryption.

Granular user attestation model which meets Financial Services Authority standards.

Single Sign On (SSO) and MFA directly from the Immedis platform.

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Compliance is table stakes for any FinTech or Global Payroll company. One View can ensure that level of compliance for each of your country’s payroll cycles. Contact us today to see how One View can transform your global payroll.