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Delivering an integrated solution that enhances business value for our mutual customers by maximizing their investment in global payroll and Workday HCM.


Workday has certified Immedis to provide international payroll to global organizations within their customer base. Our proven, certified payroll effective change interface (PECI) adaptor connects Immedis with Workday HCM, creating a seamless information exchange, reducing administrative burden, and improving overall data accuracy and security.

How it worksWorkday

What this means for joint customers

  • Key information required for payroll processing can be integrated to Immedis where data validation takes place, including core HR data, country specific information, pay elements, and benefits
  • A number of HR/Payroll processes are supported by the integration including new hire processes, terminations, date changes, transfer-in, transfer-out, and retro-active events
  • Employee self-serve capability is available as pay related information such as payslips from Immedis are made available in Workday. Employees can also update bank information in Workday, which will be interfaced to Immedis and validated.

Proven, Maintained Workday Integration

Based on the principle that is commonly known as Single Integration Multiple Countries (SIMC), Immedis deploys a single, reusable integration point that is then executed per pay group or country, ensuring that consistency is achieved, deployment is optimized, and management is achieved across a company’s entire global payroll operations.

How Touchless Payroll is Reshaping the Future of Global Payroll

Payroll Processing Accuracy and Country Compliance

The Immedis PECI connector is certified in 25 countries and counting. Our ability to deliver payroll in multiple countries gives you access to local levels of specialization and delivers ongoing updates on legislative changes and their impact on employees.

Reduced Manual Effort and Improved Data Security

Through the seamless connectivity between Workday and Immedis, manual data inputs are reduced which improves overall data accuracy, while speeding up delivery of the global payroll, and freeing the time of HR and Payroll teams to focus on more value-add activity.

Improved Employee Experience

Sensitive data such as employee bank details and other personal information can be maintained by employees in Workday and interfaced to Immedis, empowering them while removing manual effort from HR and Payroll teams.

Employee Financial Wellbeing

Certified in 121 Countries

Immedis’ award-winning, cloud-based, payroll platform is Workday Certified, offering bi-directional integration and delivering a global view of payroll actuals in Workday. We aim to enhance your Workday experience with instant access to real-time data in Workday while utilizing Immedis for payroll processing and delivery across the globe. Workday customers can visit the Workday Community for the latest list of certified countries.

The world’s leading companies trust Workday as their enterprise HCM suite, and we are excited to provide this integration to deliver cost savings to our joint customers. We are delighted to be Workday Certified to deliver an integrated solution that enhances business value for our mutual customers by maximizing their investment in consolidating global payroll.

Ruairi Kelleher, CEO of Immedis

What the analysts say

Seamlessly Integrates with Workday

“Known for spanning human capital management and financials, Workday is a logical destination for tight integration with global payroll. That Immedis so seamlessly integrates with Workday, the existing companywide system covering these two areas of the enterprise at many multinational employers, is notable. The level of real-time visibility into how they compensate their people, across their global footprint, will afford these organizations valuable newfound efficiencies and become a competitive advantage as they endeavor to protect and optimize the employee experience.”

– Brent Skinner, Co-founder | Director & Principal Analyst

Compliments and Extends Customers’ Workday Investment

“Immedis has quickly enabled a highly mature set of digital global payroll enablers.  At the heart of that digital offering is a breadth of certified HCM technology connectors – the vital ‘arteries’ connecting the HR and payroll landscape and key to transforming the critical process.  With their certified PECI connector, Immedis enables their Workday customers with an automated, bi-directional data flow, and seamless in-tenant experience which compliments and extends their HCM investment providing global payroll capability through a single experience, dataset, and operating environment.”

– Pete Tiliakos, HR Technology & Services Research Director

With Workday, Immedis facilitates bidirectional integration that enables the transmission of pay-related data to Immedis from core HCM. Once the processing is complete, gross-to-net details are sent back to the core HCM, enabling employees to access their pay history and payslips through self-service.

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Our proven and maintained Workday Integration serves many of our valued joint customers.

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