Corporate Social Responsibility

Reimagining our future, together

Immedis is passionate about creating a sustainable future. As we grow, we are committed to making every effort to ensure that all business operations contribute to a future for Immedis and generations to come.

Sustainability is no longer a choice

It’s about working collectively as a business and with our partners to find the best possible solutions for our customers and society at large. We aim to weave sustainability into the heart of our business strategy and learn from some of our partners leading the way in sustainable business practices. We built a comprehensive plan around several key initiatives that bring corporate responsibility into the heart of our business.

We’re on a mission

We always look to create a culture of inclusion at Immedis. We constantly challenge the status quo and foster a sense of belonging across our entire organization.

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We find the best way

We know we are only at the start of our sustainability journey, and there is so much more that we can do. We also know that we must start somewhere.

We show respect

At Immedis, we are always looking to give back to our communities. That’s why we encourage our employees 
to give back across the world.

We love what we do

Our employees are central to us, and our focus is always on their wellbeing, engagement, safety, and continued development.

2021 Sustainability Report

We’ve already taken steps to ensure we secure a sustainable future. To comply with ESG (Environmental Social Governance) guidelines, we created a comprehensive plan and implemented several key initiatives to put corporate responsibility at the core of our business. To download our report, click on the below link.

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