Achieve one unified view of your Global Payroll with

UKG One View Connect

Having a consolidated view of all employee data is now possible, even without a standardized payroll process. Make faster, actionable decisions through one lens, not several disparate views across regional data sources. Reporting exactly how it should be, real-time.

Gain actionable insights

Simply provide existing gross-to-nets, in any format, and One View is off to the races. Gain deep insight into payroll distribution trends, variances and outliers based on the payroll you have just run to make strategic decisions for your business.

Exceptional Employee Experience

Provide a consistent employee experience for all employees across the globe, no matter how their payroll is processed or by whom. One View provides deep data insights into the payslip for all employees in all geographies via the included Mobile Native App. Enhance their employee experience to the ultimate level in payroll.

Maintain full control

If you are happy with your payroll processing in any country or multiple countries or have a large team paid in one location from your core HCM, no problem. We can deliver your expatriate employees and “rest of world” to centralize reporting under one roof.

Deliver aligned GL integration

Struggling to deliver consolidated financial reporting from disparate systems or providers into your Finance ecosystem, let Immedis OneView deliver fully balanced general ledger data directly into your Financial Management System.

Change the game

One View Connect is an incredible entry point to global payroll reporting and analytics. Finally, running payroll in multiple jurisdictions does not get in the way of, or complicate your ability to have a unified view of your employee data.

Onboard in no time

When we say, “no time”, we really mean onboarding in as little as four weeks, which is worlds faster than any other potential solution. All that is needed from you is your gross-to-nets, and it’s a few clicks to ultimate flexibility.

Complement in-country processing

Let your payroll specialists continue to do what they do best — process payroll their way. However, arm your team with real-time reporting so it’s not an afterthought.

Born from the insatiable demand for visibility into all payroll costs

One View was designed as a global-first, suite of payroll solutions. By leveraging that experience, One View is brought to market to allow for flexibility in payroll processing while providing a centralized view into your payroll costs.

Plug and Play Technology

Reporting right at your fingertips

Payroll Operators and CFOs benefit from Immedis Analytics through a single consolidated view of all payrolls. While payroll teams are being pushed to provide data to drive informed decision making, without access to centralized global payroll data, they are left with manual processes to consolidate and normalize data from across the globe to do so. Results from our 2021 joint survey revealed that for 60% of respondents, global payroll-related reports take a day or longer to produce.


Customer Portal + Mobile App

When licensing One View, you gain access to a user-friendly Customer Portal with a slick UI to upload your gross-to-net documentation and pay slips. For an added fee, your employees can also benefit from a mobile app which boasts the same experience, irrespective of country.

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Say goodbye to manual intervention

Gain real-time insights as to how employees are being paid across the globe, available in the platform without the manual effort of compiling country and regional data to enable strategic and informed decision-making. Arm your data, finance, HR and payroll teams with all of the data they need to succeed.

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