Multi-Country Payroll

Transform how you manage payroll globally with UKG One View

Multi-country payroll doesn’t have to be one size fits all. Experience a solution tailored to your unique needs in each location across the globe.

The One View suite of solutions includes

Empower employees with a uniform view of all payroll data through One View Connect

Most global organizations operate with multiple, disparate payroll solutions, causing the pain of manual data consolidation for payroll teams and varied experiences for employees, depending on what country they are in and how their payroll is being processed. One View Connect sits on top of all countries’ payroll processing methods and provides a ‘single pane of glass’ view of global payroll regardless of location or vendor. Give payroll managers and employees access to the metrics and reports that matter most to them with UKG One View Connect.

Payroll made easy with One View Managed

With more widely distributed workforces and rapidly changing regulations, accurately processing payroll can be challenging, time consuming and full of significant risk. UKG One View Managed can address these challenges and mitigate risk with automated perpetual validation, flagging errors proactively to give payroll professionals valuable time back while ensuring compliant payrolls. Ensure ultimate payroll compliance in over 160 countries and ensures ultimate payroll compliance with UKG One View Managed.

Simplify the Last Mile with One View Payments

The requirements and challenges of managing international payments funding is complex. In addition, hybrid working conditions mean that organizations need to pay their employees wherever they are in the world. UKG One View Payments offers managed international money movement and employee funding in 120+ currencies with a consistent and low touch method to enable employee payment and the timely fulfillment of employee and governmental obligations. Remove the payments burden from treasury teams while ensuring operational efficiencies, compliance and real-time global payroll oversight with UKG One View Payments.

Centralized payroll management

One View enables you to centralize payroll management globally, providing a cloud-based, flexible and scalable solution that transforms payroll from manual administration to a secure, streamlined process.

Consolidated payroll data

One View brings payroll data in from all sources for all payrolls, even those being processed by another provider or in-house. Gain comprehensive visibility into your full employee population without having to log into disparate systems.

Optimizing systems connectivity

One View was built to be integrated to upstream and downstream systems, allowing for seamless connectivity with Human Capital Management, Workforce Management and Financial Management Systems.

Compliance complexity covered

From ever-changing legislative requirements across 160+ countries to data handling measures, compliance is central to One View.

Security by design

Our secure cloud framework ensures your data is protected at all times. System access is granted by profile ensuring all users only have access to payrolls under their remit.

Right pay, right day

One View ensures the fundamentals of payroll are achieved, from calculation to payments, getting your people paid accurately and on time via automation of key steps within the payroll cycle.

Global coverage

With international payroll processing, tax and payments available across 160+ countries, One View supports your global footprint, now and into the future.

Ultimate Flexibility

Gone are the days of replacing payroll providers in every country to experience the benefits of consolidated global payroll. One View allows you to choose the right solution for your business, country by country.

Exceptional Employee

With a highly flexible, easy-to-use solution, employees and payroll managers can feel engaged and empowered with self-service features that meet their personal and work needs. One View provides a single method of accessing payslips in all geographies. Employees access their pay and banking details in One View, even when their payroll is processed by an external or in-house provider. Payroll teams working in shared service centers can service the employees they support with ease, even when working from a shared service center covering multiple jurisdictions.

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Simplify the complex world of multi-country payroll

Take control of your payroll data and equip yourself with one unified view of all your multi-country payroll operations, real-time analytics and advanced reporting capabilities in just a few clicks. This single-threaded solution helps you manage complexity and receive accurate, compliant payroll across 160+ countries, 120+ currencies and more than 20 languages in a single experience.

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Customer-centric innovation

The One View solution was born from customer demand and continues to evolve based on the needs of our customers. One View customers have the ability to influence the direction of the solution, from customer advisory board meetings through to our customer ideation portal where all feedback and ideas are welcome.

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Value faster with minimal disruption

Benefit from the flexibility to choose your own in-country payroll processing while achieving instant visibility of payroll data across all employees globally. No longer do you have to wait to complete a full global payroll transformation and implementation project to gain deep, comprehensive insights as to how employees are being paid across the globe. This information is available in the platform instantly, without the manual effort of compiling country and regional data to enable strategic and informed decision-making.

Experience One View

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