Italy: COVID-19 Parental Leave and How It Works with Other Leave Types

January 4, 2021
2 mins read
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A summary of the conflicts between the 2021 Parental Leave and other leave types for parents with children affected by COVID-19, in contact quarantine, or cases where classroom-based educational activities are suspended, day care centers are closed, and other absences relating to the other parent cohabiting with the child.  

Parental Leave in 2021 

This leave cannot be taken on the same days by both parents.  

Leave for those with children between the age of 14 and 16 

This leave cannot be used by the other parent for another cohabiting child between 14 and 16. 

Childcare rest days for the mother or father 

2021 Parental Leave is not compatible with the simultaneous use by the other parent living with the child of childcare rest days when enjoyed for the same child. 

Termination and suspension of the employment relationship or working activity 

2021 Parental Leave cannot be used if the other parent living with the child is unemployed, suspended from work, or does not carry out any working activity. 

In the event of unpaid leave for one of the parents living with the child, the other parent cannot benefit from 2021 Parental Leave on the same days. 

Agile work 

2021 Parental Leave cannot be used on the same days for a parent conducting agile work by the other cohabiting parent for either the same or another child even when the agile work is carried out in a different capacity than that envisaged for COVID-19.  

The simultaneous use of the two benefits by both parents is possible if the leave in question and agile work is applied for different children, one of whom has a certified severe disability. 

Part-time and temporary work 

2021 Parental Leave cannot be used for days of contractual breaks of the other parent living with the child. 


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