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Immedis’ 5 Elements of Best in Class Global Payroll Technology

At Immedis, we know that best in class technology should include:

1) Integration
2) Data Validation
3) Process Automation
4) Reporting & Analytics
5) Information Security


A few years ago, we researched and identified the gaps in the global payroll market.


The results? We developed our global payroll platform which provides a single, consolidated view of our client’s global payrolls in one, easy to use dashboard.


Here’s how we ensured our best in class technology aligned with the industry’s needs.


1. Integration

Data comes in many forms from your HR, Time & Attendance and Finance systems to help facilitate payroll every pay cycle.

Immedis integrates with your Finance and HR systems to eliminate duplication and errors and reduce time spent manually inputting information, helping simplify your global payroll process.


2. Data Validation

Most payroll problems occur due to incorrect or incomplete payroll data. Because of this, validation becomes essential in keeping the payroll cycle on track. Immedis automatically validates data at the point of receipt, helping catch errors before they cause problems further down line.

These validation checks happen at multiple points throughout the payroll process and are verified by our tax team, helping ensure the integrity of data and accuracy of your payroll.


3. Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is available to speed up your payroll processing time and eliminate human error, helping improve accuracy and reducing total cost of delivery.

Immedis has been purpose built to utilize RPA in every payroll processed.

The payroll cycle never changes. The same tasks need to be complete every pay run.

Data gathered, checked, verified and processed to ensure employees are paid on time and accurately.

Immedis automates these repetitive tasks to help speed up the payroll cycle, improve accuracy and reduce payroll errors.


4. Reporting & Analytics

To better understand, manage and respond to the costs associated with paying your people, you need access to the right information.

Immedisuses advanced interactive, visual analysis so you can untangle difficult business questions and quickly get to the insights that move your business forward.


5. Information Security

The Payroll Department holds the most sensitive data in any organization and ensuring the safety, protection and confidentiality of this information is a non-negotiable requirement.

With changes in data legislation such as GDPR, ensuring compliance is an ongoing requirement. At Immedis, we have built our technology platform and service delivery processes with data protection at the heart of everything we do.


Global payroll is complicated, challenging, and everchanging. With that said, those of us that work in this industry wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is a way to control the chaos, reduce errors and increase success.


If your organization is looking to embark on consolidating its global payrolls, before you start the process, ask the following questions:

  • What does our current global payroll landscape look like?
  • What works well?
  • What doesn’t work at all?
  • Where can we improve the process?
  • What does our future state global payroll landscape look like?
  • What is the number one priority?
  • Do we have systems that can integrate?
  • What do we want from reporting?
  • What technology do we want?



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